the beastie

Down in the depths of adventure land lurks a friendly dragon, who used to enjoy nothing more than giving the parks youngest guests their very first taste of thrills and spills coasters, unfortunately these days the little dragons roar has been silenced since it became SBNO (standing but no operation) at the end of 2010 season pending replacement.

this pink knuckle coasters brightly coloured paint red and blue and isnt very tall or scary to look at, espesially these days, but it used to go quite fast in places for a chirldrens coaster and you would not need to hold on! It was a fantastic little ride for kids, young or old, which usally goes round the circuit once or twice.


these days the beastie is the oldst rollercoaster operating in the park. it first arrived for the 1983 season, known back then as the dragon coaster and was located in festival park, behind what is now the photo booth for SW6. it remained in festival park thoughout the 80s and until 1992 when it was relocated to become part of the formidble line up of coasters in thunder valley alongside the thunderlooper, the beast and later nemesis, being regarded as a junior equiqlent the beast for younger guests the ride became known as the beastie a name that has stuck with the ride longer after its older brother left the park.

In 1997 the beastie, along with gallopers carousel, moved to the new adventure land to the postion where it resides to this very day.