ground view of sonic spinball

Sonic spinball has taken up residence in adventure land, ready to challenge guests to a game on sonic spinball! He has taken over spinball whizzer to make a attraction where video games and tradditional pinball come together in a ride where you are not only hurtling full pelt along steep, twisting tracks, but the car you are travelling in is also freely spinning!

riders rattle like a ball as they are catapulted down the 470m track at speeds of 60km per hour of the 90 second duration on the ride! Full of suprises, every ride on sonic spinball is uinque as the cars spin around depending on the weight and the number of people, leading to a different exprience every time. Sonic spinball is a mad ride that all the family can enjoy together. (A height restriction of 1.2m applies)

attraction history

sonic spinball opened at the park in 2004 as spinball whizzer. It was maufactured by a german comany maurer and is a custom designed spinning coaster.

During 2009 alton towers revealed in their long term development plan that they intended to move spinball whizzer within 10 years. However with the chance of that happening in the short term it became less likely when it was rethemed for 2010 to become sonic spinball, as part of a three year deal with sega. Its not the first time sonic has resided at alton towers, as he could of been previously been found in the old toyland tours attraction too.

It seems likely that the coaster will be relocated when the deal with sega has come to an end in 2013.